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Anonymous: How about a story where you go to an amusement park with Exo and you ride the Ferris wheel with suho (mutual liking between you two) But, because the machine is so old, it breaks and you almost fall out? Fluffy pwease:)

I wrote a scenario like this once :D Except you didn’t fall to your death out

You had come to the amusement park with Suho today, ever since your older brother Xiumin had introduced you to EXO you had fallen head over heels in love with Suho.

So, naturally, when he asked you to come with him to the amusement you were over the moon.

The two of you had fun, going on the roller coasters, bumper cars, eating food and just generally enjoying each others company.

You wanted to go on one final ride before going home, which happened to be the Ferris Wheel. You were aware that it was rather old and a little bit dangerous, but you wanted to have a more romantic ride with him.

The two of you got on with no problems, Suho sat on one of the benches while you knelt over the side, enjoying the breeze and the view.

“Be careful, ____.” Suho said, you turned around and smiled “I’ll be fine, don’t wo-” The ride suddenly took a turn for the worse and stopped, due to the sudden halt you lost you balance, you closed your eyes as you felt yourself tip over the edge slightly.

“_____!” You heard Suho call. When you opened your eyes again, Suho had his arms wrapped around you, holding you close to his chest.

“S-Suho?” You stuttered “Are you alright? God damn it I told you to be careful!” He said, slightly rising his voice. You nodded, earning a sigh of relief from the older.

“T-Thank you…” Suho sighed again “It’s alright…. Don’t do that again, okay? I don’t think I can picture my life without the person I love the most.” He gave you a cheesy smile, the ride started again and once you got to the ground he helped you out.

His words played in your head ‘Person he loves the most?’ You thought to yourself. You smiled, linked arms with him and continued your way home

~Admin Dongsaeng

Anonymous: Hello! (^O^☆♪ a sad short story of suho and girlfriend please!

Another day had rolled up, another day filled with misery, another god damn day without her. Suho sat up in his bed, let out a sigh and ruffled his hair. He glanced to his right, where she would always be, sleeping peacefully, occasionally muttering in her sleep.

Trying not to linger for too long, he left the bedroom and went to the bathroom. Pictures hung on the wall, of her and how his life used to be. He stopped for a moment and looked at them. Remembering everything they did together. It was fun, they had a blast together, it seemed perfect. But nothing perfect ever lasts forever.

The man went into the bathroom to clean up, then headed to the kitchen, normally there would be a note on the table from the girl, she would be going somewhere and leave breakfast out for him.

But that wasn’t the case, not any more at least. He quickly ate breakfast and left his house, on his way to the car it started to snow slightly. He looked up and smiled, she loved the snow.

He got into his car and made his way down town to the florist. It had been a while since he last visited her. He got the usual, a bouquet of white and red roses. The lady selling the flowers always attempted to flirt with him, but of course he paid no mind to her silly antics. He took the roses and left, driving for a couple of more minutes until he reached his destination.

sat in the car for a few minutes, from the way his heart was thumping in his chest, he was positive it would burst out of his rib cage at any moment. The thought of seeing her, only further broke him. How long had it been? A month? Two? He been so busy with his business that he didn’t have time to visit her.

He sighed, how long had it been since she left him? He opened the glove department and took out a picture, it was him and the same girl. It was the last picture they took together. He kissed it gently and put it back, there was no point in stalling any longer, she was waiting.

He saw her in the distance and smiled, walking up to her with the bouquet held tightly to his chest.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry I haven’t visited you for a while.” He said, but she didn’t respond. “I brought you these, I know how you like roses.” He chuckled a little “I have good news, Lay is going to be a dad.” He smiled widely and scratched the back of his neck, yet there was still no reply.

He sighed, and his expression turned painful “I miss you, y’know… I never stopped thinking about you, I never forgot you.” He glanced at his watch “Sorry, I have to go now, I’ll see you next time, okay?” He bent down and placed the flowers onto the grave in front of him, and gently kissed the top of it.

“Good night, my love.”

~Admin Dongsaeng


Anonymous: can you make a scenario where tao teaches you to swim but you were hesitating bc you almost drowned in the pool when you were a kid .... fluff pls~ thanks

              “All you gotta do is get in the water.” Your boyfriend prompted, rubbing his hands up and down your arms. He was trying his best to comfort you, but it wasn’t really working. You were pretty damn nervous. Tao thought you were just scared of water, but there was more to it than that.

                “But…it’s so cold.” You said, teeth chattering as you dipped a toe in the pool.

                Tao laughed lightly. “I know, but you’ll get used to it. You just have to step into the water. And just stand there. That’s the first step.” His voice was calm and his tone was gentle. “You can do this.”

                “Just waist deep, okay?” You bargained.

                Tao sighed a bit, but nodded and nudged you forward again. “You can do it.” He said again.

                You took a deep breath and smacked your cheeks. You could this. Tao was by your side, it was only waist deep. You weren’t in any danger. You could do this. “Okay.” You said, trying to be firm, but sounding weak.

                Tao grabbed your hand and gave it a squeeze. “I’m right here.” He whispered and you nodded. You picked up your foot sunk it into the cool blue water. Most people found it refreshing…you could find it refreshing too. You took another step, another step and another. You were waist deep. “You did it!” Tao cheered happily.

                “I-I did! I did it!” You squeaked happily. Without realizing it, tears started falling from your eyes.

                Tao’s face fell and his hands were fluttering around your face. “Babe, w-what is it? What’s wrong?”

                You laughed through your tears, feeling stupid for crying. “I’m just happy. I never thought I’d be able to go in a pool ever again.”

                Tao paused. “Again?” He asked.

               You nodded. “I never told you, but when I was little…I, uh, almost drowned in my neighbor’s pool.” You sniffled.

               “What?!” Tao blurted. Recovering as best as he could, he pulled you into a tight hug. “I’m so sorry.” He mumbled against your neck. “So sorry.”

                You grinned, knowing that this was going to be his reaction. “It’s okay. It was a long time ago.” You said.

                “If I had known, I wouldn’t have tried to get you in the pool.” He said, his sorrow in his eyes. “I wouldn’t have pushed you so hard…”

                You laughed. “Tao, honey, stop!” You chided. “This is why I didn’t tell you. I wanted you to push me. You’re the only one who could get me to overcome my fear.”

                Tao frowned, but stopped apologizing. “You still should have told me…” He grumbled, going into his adorable pouting mode.

                “Oh, come on. You know how you would have been. You would have made me avoid water entirely. You would have overprotected me.” You said with a smile. “Not that I don’t love that side of you, too.”

                Tao continued to pout. “Sure.” He said curtly.

               You giggled, unable to resist this side of him. You leaned forward and kissed him on the nose. “Cheer up, panda.” You whispered. “You can still protect me from everything else out there.” You wrapped your arms around his neck.

               “Okay…” He said, unable to resist your kisses. They always made him melt. “I’ll always save you when you need to be saved.”

              You nuzzled into his neck. “I know.”


Hope you enjoyed! <3

-Admin GZB


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Anonymous: Can you write a scenario about Luhan reaction's (your future husband) when he see you wearing a wedding dress?

"Luhan you’re so jittery, calm down," Xiumin said as he put a hand on Luhan’s shoulder to keep him from bouncing up and down repeatedly. 

"I know, I’m just so nervous," he said to his best man and looked around at all of the people who were beginning to file in, all taking their seats on the benches. Luhan checked his tux once more before turning to alter to continue to wait excitedly. 

Suddenly, the song that you both had chosen to play while you walked down the aisle began playing. Luhan instantly jumped up and looked to the doors you were expected to come out of. His heart caught in his throat as they sonly opened to reveal you in your wedding dress.

It was simple and white, hugging your waist and hips perfectly while it flared out at the bottom. Your hair was tied back in a loose bun and the veil trailed behind you for what seemed like ages. Luhan couldn’t take his eyes off of you the entire walk down the aisle. He could only stand there with his jaw hanging open. You were beautiful, he thought. The fact that you were about to be married made Luhan’s heart beat even faster, which seemed impossible. 

Finally, you reached the alter where you reached out to take Luhan’s shaky hands. You smiled at him and blushed slightly at Luhan’s ogling eyes. 

"Y-you look beautiful," he whispered before the officiant began reading. 

"Thank you," you said and tried to hide your beaming smile. 


Sweet, sweet anon I am so sorry it has taken so long for me to write this. I hope you like it even if it is short and I’m so sorry. 

-Admin Unnie

Anonymous: Hi! :)) Could I have a request where Baekhyun catches you fangirling over another kpop boy band? I dont care which :)

               This was your chance. Your boyfriend was in the shower and you were all alone. There was only one thing to do. Go close your bedroom door, get under the covers, open your laptop and watch U-Kiss’s new music video. It was your little secret. No one had to know, especially not Baekhyun. You didn’t even want to know what he’d say if he found out you fangirled over U-Kiss.

                You opened Youtube and clicked on the new video. “Stop flirting.” You read aloud. “Anything for you Eli-oppa.” You sighed happily. The song and video began and you squealed into your pillow. It was a very sexy concept for U-Kiss and you loved every bit of it. You thought your heart would stop at any moment, but then Kevin bent that girl over and you lost it. “Ohmygod!” You screamed loudly.

                You heard a crash from outside the bedroom and soon Baekhyun came flying into the room. “Are you okay?” He asked, completely naked and dripping wet.

                “Ohmygod!” You screamed again, slapping a hand over your eyes. Not like you hadn’t seen it before, but you just weren’t prepared!

                Baekhyun ran to your side. “What? What is it?” He asked worriedly. He glanced at the computer screen and saw what you were watching. “What is this?”

                Regaining some sort of composure, you slammed your laptop closed. “N-nothing.” You stammered, blushing furiously.

                Looking vaguely annoyed, Baekhyun crossed his arms. “Well, obviously it was enough for you to scream like a murderer was in the house, so it wasn’t nothing. It was enough to make you scream and give me a heart attack, so it wasn’t nothing. What was it? Show me.” He demanded. Feeling guilty, you opened the laptop again and showed him what you were watching. “U-kiss sunbaenim?” He questioned, looking at you.

                You nodded. “Yeah…their new music video.”

                “Do you…like U-kiss?” He asked.

                You wanted to say no and tell him that EXO was the only band for you, but that was a lie. U-kiss had come first and you just couldn’t diss your original favorites. “Yes!” You blurted. “I’m sorry! Eli is really sexy!” Baekhyun stared at you for a moment and then burst out laughing. Not exactly the reaction you were expecting. “What?” You asked warily.

                “You know…it’s okay to like other groups.” He said, grinning at you. “Eli is pretty sexy…” He whispered, crawling onto the bed. Baekhyun positioned himself over you, his naked body just sitting there like a gift for you. “Please…finish watching.”

                You stared wide-eyed at him. You had never seen him act like this. “Are you jealous?” You asked.

                Baekhyun just smiled and nodded his head. “Yup. Very. I can be sexy too, you know.” He leaned forward and paused inches from your lips. “Should I make you forget all about the other groups?” He whispered.

                You gulped, your mind slowly starting to imagine Baekhyun being in the video. Baekhyun bending you over and Baekhyun kissing on your neck. “Please do.” You said before catching his lips. So much for being a Kiss Me…


Love Ukiss and EXO <3

Hope you enjoyed!

-Admin GZB

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sujuvixxo: How about a story where you go an amusement park with Exo and you ride the Ferris Wheel with Suho (mutual liking between you two) But, because the machine is so old, it breaks and you almost fall out? fluffy pwease:D

Sorry darling, requests are closed right now :( come back when they’re open okay? We’ll be happy to write it then! :D

Ah it’s almost 1AM here, so I will finish up the rest later!~ In the meantime, go and read the ones I posted for Chen and Kai!

-Admin Unnie

Anonymous: a scene where you helped the member to hide from the fans that has been chasing after him and he is very very thankful and he decided to buy you a coffee by covering his face with your scarf that u lend him?? (any member would do bc i''m not sure which member is open for request atm)

I highly suggest listening to EXO’s ‘Run’ while reading this


You didn’t even see him coming. Literally. One second you were walking down the quiet street towards your favorite coffee shop and then next you’re getting slammed into an alleyway by some strange man. 

"What the he-" you began to scream, but a gloved hand covered your mouth. You tried to get a good look at who had shoved you into the alley and your breath caught in your throat as you realized you were pressed right against EXO’s, Chen. 

"Shhhh, I’m being chased by some fans," he said in a whisper, "I panicked. Sorry."

"Obviously," you said in a whisper as well. The alley was quiet for a second and you were tempted to see if the coast was clear so you could escape this extremely awkward situation, but as soon as you made a move a crowd of screaming girls came running by. Luckily, you and Chen were concealed by a dumpster, but you had to admit you were slightly startled by the crowd of girls running past. 

You looked over to Chen who had put on a pair of sunglasses and tried to pull his leather jacket over his face you sighed and looked at the pitiful sight. You began to unravel the scarf from around your neck and held it out to him. He looked at you, confused. 

"I’m warm, it’s okay, I just need to get away."

You slapped your forehead at his stupidity and said, “No, it’s for you to cover your face. Take it, I have more at home.”

He hesitated, but when the reality of the situation set in, he lifted it from your hands and began wrapping it around his face. 

You nodded at your completed work and began to walk away without another word, but a hand grabbed your wrist to stop you. You turned to Chen who had stuck his hand out to catch yours. 

"Wait! I’m sorry to have caused all of this trouble, so can I buy you a coffee or something?" 


"Please? It’s the least I can do," he said, the pleading look on his face making it hard for you to deny him. 

"Yeah, I guess it’s fine," you said and tried to hide the blush on your face. You peeked out from behind the alley wall and checked for any fans. The coast seemed to be clear so you gestured to the bundled-up Chen who was still hiding behind the dumpster. 

You made it to the little coffee stand and you both ordered your hot drinks. The more time you spent with Chen, the more you got to see the side of him that you never saw on any of the shows you saw him frequent. It was nice. 

As you began to finish off your coffee you heard a loud scream behind you. 


"Oh crap," Chen’s face fell and he grabbed your hand, "RUN!"


I hope it was okay that I wrote it for Chen, I haven’t written for him in a long time.  Hope you liked anon!~

-Admin Unnie

Anonymous: hello :) I would like to request a Kai scenario where his girlfriend isn't as shy as korean girls and doesn't have a problem with sex or sexual issues. so Kai is extremely horny and has an obvious boner and the both never had that. so please write the girl not too cocky and coarse but brave and loveable towards Kai and his "problem" xD so Kai is too shy and doesn't know how to ask his girl if she wants to go THAT step further but in the end they make sweet love! thank you :)

Hey kids, if you are in a public place or at school, this is 100% NSFW so read with caution~


Kai had been squirming around all day long and it was about to drive you insane. Every time you asked him what was wrong, he’d shrug it off and tell you it was nothing, but as soon as you placed your hand or your shoulder on him he would jump and shift in his seat again.

"Kai, are you seriously okay? Do I smell bad or something?" You said and pretended to sniff your shirt. 

"I-I’m fi-"

"If you say you’re fine again I might kill you, what’s wrong?" You said, turning to him. As soon as you did, you didn’t even need to hear the answer as your eyes were drawn to the very, very apparent strain in Kai’s pants. Your eyes popped out of your skull and you looked up at Kai who had flushed a deep cherry color. 

"Oh… okay," you said, swallowing heavily. You inhaled and looked at Kai again before crawling into his lap. Now, there’s a face you wish you could take a picture of. Kai’s mouth dropped open and his eyes rolled slightly back into his head. You shifted again to get comfortable and Kai’s hands flew to your hips.

"S-stop, or I won’t be able to stop myself," Kai said, his voice incredibly low, yet timid. You definitely did not want him to stop. Instead of answering, you reached over and placed your lips onto his in an extremely heated kiss. Kai’s lips were gentle, but passionate and you jumped slightly in surprise as his tongue ran along the seam of your lips. You opened your mouth for him and you explored each other’s mouths. Suddenly, you felt the burning need for air in your lungs and you pulled away. 

The break didn’t last long as you both crashed your lips back together in a feverish kiss. Kai began pushing you onto your back on the couch so that he was settled perfectly in-between your thighs. Hands were everywhere, trying to remove clothing as fast as possible, while worshipping every inch of bare skin that came into sight. Kai’s gaze was intense and you tried to look away before Kai forced you to look at him again.

"You’re so beautiful," he said and you smiled as you reached up to kiss him once again. Kai’s hands began mapping out the expanse of your body, groping your breasts, sliding down to your stomach, and finally to the place where you ached to be touched the most. You almost fell off the couch as you felt a finger prod your entrance and slip in, making you gasp loudly. 

"A-am I hurting you?" Kai said, suddenly scared. 

"No it’s fine, just weird," you said, trying to focus on the pleasure rather than the weirdness. 

One after the other, Kai had three fingers in you and began continually pumping them in and out of your core. Your back arched and you gripped Kai’s bare biceps when he suddenly hit a spot inside of you that you didn’t know you had. 

"Kai," you said breathlessly, "Kai, I’m ready, please hurry up."

"O-oh, okay," he said and he reached over to his wallet on the floor where he pulled out a condom and rolled it on his incredibly hard dick. 

He placed himself in between your legs and positioned his cock at your entrance, taking a deep breath you relaxed as Kai worked his way into you. Which was easier said than done. Your body almost instantly tensed up and pain shot through your lower back. You tried not to look like you were in too much pain because you didn’t want to scare Kai, but man, it hurt. 

"Are you okay, ______?" Kai said, fully inside of you. 

"Y-yeah," you squeaked, "just move."

So he did. Kai started slowly at first, thrusting into you as sensually as he could making sure that you felt every bit of him. Soon, you felt the familiar heat pooling up in your stomach and you could sense that Kai was close too as he sped up his thrusts. Suddenly, he hit that spot again and your orgasm hit you so fast you didn’t even know what hit you. Your muscles tensed around Kai’s dick and he continued to thrust inside you until he came as well. 

You both laid there, trying to catch your breath and come down from your highs. 

"So…." Kai said quietly, "that was…."



Why is this so long? I know why, because I’m a 변태… You guys are killing me here. 

Well here’s my payback


Hope you liked it, anon~

-Admin Unnie

I’m putting on my EXO playlist and starting the 6 requests I have waiting for me. Expect a crap-load of scenarios in the next few hours! Btw, I’ll be writing some of Admin Dongsaeng’s scenarios while she’s on her hiatus~

Please anticipate my work! <3

-Admin Unnie

sujuvixxo: Can you make one where you play truth or dare with boys? And you are dared to go in the closet with chen for 7 minutes?

The room was filled with peals of laughter as Luhan gave Xiumin a lap dance and you pretended to cover your eyes in embarrassment. Once everyone had a few drinks in them, anything goes. Especially around the rowdy EXO members that you spent so much time around. 

”_______, truth or dare?” Xiumin then said from across the circle, grabbing your attention.

"Uhm, dare?" You said daringly. 

"Go into the closet with Chen for seven minutes!" He said and your face instantly flushed. Even though all of them were like your brothers, there was no denying that all twelve of them were attractive. There was something about Chen that drew you to him and being in a closet with him for seven minutes did not help that fact. 

You hesitantly stood up and Chen looked at you nervously. The entire room began wolf whistling and yelling, some of the comments quite lewd. Your face turned even redder. 

As you stepped in the closet, Suho came to the doors to close them.

"Good luck you two," he said and gave you a wink and wiggled his eyebrows at Chen. Your eyes widened and you almost backed out, but you knew the consequences would be much worse if you did. 

Suddenly, the doors closed and you and Chen were locked in semi-darkness. You could see some of his face and you hoped that he couldn’t hear how your breath quickened or how hard your heart was beating. 

"So…" Chen said in a whisper.

"Uhm…" you replied awkwardly, trying to decide what to do about the situation.

You did your best at avoiding eye contact, but you couldn’t help but look at him. And when you did, you were in for a surprise. Chen was standing there, eyes squeezed shut with his lips puckered in a pout. 

"Ah! What are you doing?!" You screamed. 

"I-I was going to kiss you!" He said back, "Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in here?!"

"I d-don’t know!" 


"I’m sorry, this is so awkward and I made it even worse and I’m su-" you never finished your sentence as the doors to the closet opened quickly. 

"Awe, you guys didn’t get it on?"

You smacked Kai’s arm, “Of course we didn’t! Gosh, guys these days…”

You ducked your head as you tried to hide your flaming cheeks. You took your place in the circle and rolled your eyes at all the whistles. 

"So immature… Tao, truth or dare?"

Chen didn’t get any that day… poor baby. 


-Admin Unnie

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